Cyborg’s Justice League look was almost very different

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, we got our first glimpse of ‘Justice League’ heroes Cyborg and The Flash in their all new costumes. But it looks as though Cyborg was almost sporting a very different look.

Ironhead Studios – the artists behind DC’s ‘Batman V Superman’ costumes – has revealed some behind-the-scenes work for both Cyborg and The Flash in this awesome new picture.

But what does it show us?

First of all, it gives us a much closer look at The Flash’s armoured costume which he uses to travel through a tear in spacetime in order to contact Bruce Wayne – that’s right, it’s the suit he uses in that scene.

It’s certainly a much better look at the costume than we actually saw on film, with the armoured suit sporting quite an assembly of armoured plates as well as a (presumably) retractable face mask.

And compared to the costume we’ve seen him don in ‘Justice League’, it’s a far darker look for the usually bright-red superhero.

Then there’s Cyborg…

This piece is reportedly a prototype for what we eventually saw on screen – most notable in the footage from the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie.

Clearly, there’s quite significant differences here. Most obviously, the prototype Cyborg suit covers Ray Fisher’s face completely, as opposed to the final look which more clearly mirrors his comic book counterpart. Then there’s the suit detailing – the prototype looks much more enclosed with large, fairly static parts. The finally suit sports a lot more detail, with horrific-looking cables forming the hero’s neck.

That said, the prototype is still pretty impressive.

Let’s just hope they look just as good when they return in ‘Justice League’.

‘Justice League’ heads to cinemas on 17 November 2017.

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