‘Alien: Covenant’ Review: It’s Fassbender Vs Fassbender In Ridley Scott’s Creepy ‘Prometheus’ Follow-Up

It is not always easy to make waves with a new horror film since the genre is so over-saturated, and it feels like we have seen every variation. But in 1979, Ridley Scott managed it with the release of Alien, his brooding and terrifying sci-fi horror flick that even 38 years later can still send chills down the spine of just about anyone. Continue reading

How Kong: Skull Island Differs From the Other King Kong Movies

Kualoa Ranch on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is littered with the bones of movie monsters. Hidden by brush in a grove of tall grass is the lair of the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World. Beyond that, as you drive up a muddy road past the entrance gate, lies the hilltop where a herd of Gallimimus flocked toward Sam Neill in Jurassic Park. And just over a hill, the ground droops down to reveal an actual graveyard, filled with the skulls of triceratops and giant gorillas.

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Wait – is everyone in ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ going to die?

Okay, simmer down. That wasn’t the single most spoilerific headline in movie history, we have absolutely no proof. Just a nagging sense of worry following comments made by ‘Star Wars’ producer Kathleen Kennedy in the new edition of Empire. Kennedy flat-out denied that there could be any follow-up to the standalone movie, which follows the adventures of a band of Rebel spies sent in to steal the plans to the Empire’s new battle station, the Death Star.

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